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Entrepreneurship--Writing and Cell Phone Repairs?

I love to write. It’s been my passion from about the time I was six years old. Recently I’ve enjoyed illustrating too. I’ve started to make a small but steady profit from my writing and I’ve been able to join a great writing group. Last month a charity in the UK bought 100 copies of my preemie coloring books. Many things to do with this career are exciting and encouraging, but though the profits are steady, they’re also small. I couldn’t take the family on a vacation on the money my writing earned last year; If we had to live off it, we would literally starve.


I’m thinking of starting a home business repairing iPhones. That feels very daring to me, maybe even more so than many of the steps I’ve taken however reluctantly in my writing—like building a website, creating Amazon ads, starting a mailing list. All of those were scary to me. I am not a natural entrepreneur.


I really want to be free. My writing doesn’t earn enough money to support me, but my job doesn’t leave me with enough time and energy to fully pursue my writing, meaning that I don’t have much of a chance for it to ever get to the point where it WOULD support me. It’s a catch 22. If the cell phone business (granted a drain on my time and resources in the beginning) could come to earn me a good amount of money while allowing me to make my own schedule, and I was then able to transition to being someone else’s employee only part time (or not at all?) I think that would be a huge help to my writing career.

Many writer podcasters talk about multiple streams of income helping them have the life they want. They’re writers but thelot fiction writing is only one source of income. Others are speaking, non-fiction books, how-to writing courses, and Patreon. None of these have felt like a great fit for me. iPhone repairs? That feels like something I can do. I spent a hundred and thirty bucks on the tools today. I’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos. As a next step I’m going to put an email out on a couple lists I’m on asking if people have old phones I could practice on or if they’d like to Take a chance on me and I’d fixer their newer phone for just the cost of parts. Wish me luck.

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