• S.E. Burr

Wanna Make Something Together?

I'm doing something a little silly lately, which is I'm basically working on four book/writing projects all at once: One Singular Second, Goblin Lies, Multiplying Letters, and an as-yet untitled collaborative book of illustrated poetry for kids. I wrote quite a few poems myself and put them in a google drive. I've been inviting people to contribute poems and illustrations to the drive. Then we'll use this new collaborative service called Bundle Rabbit to publish the book and make it available online and divide the (doubtless minuscule) royalties between us. This is really a passion project; I don't expect to make a profit at it. I love collaborating with people and creating cool things together, and I love children's poetry. I read (and wrote) a ton of silly books of rhymes as a kid.

I've been kind of slow and cautious about making personal invitations to the project because I know from experience how invitations to participate in creative endeavors can be anxiety producing for a lot of people. So, I was thinking maybe I'd send out a more general invitation into the ether, so that no one feels specifically singled out. If you'd like to participate, get a hold of me, via email, facebook, text, whatever and I'll send you an invitation to the drive. The more the merrier! Here's a poem and illustraton combo I've done for it (you can see that the artwork doesn't have to be artist quality. This project is meant to be fun and creative! The artwork also doesn't have to be flat. If you work with clay, folded paper, or frosting I'd love to put a photo of your creation in the book.)

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