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A Look at my Last Year's Writing Goals,Successes, and Failures

My writing goals last year were:

One Audiobook—This was accomplished but a little late. The audio version of my book, Goblin Fruit, came out in January and is available now. http://amzn.to/2EWmf2D

Two Bookbub applications—I was really intimidated even by the idea of applying for a Bookbub ad. I didn’t end up applying twice, but that’s because, much to my surprise, my first application was accepted! The Bookbub was a great successful. I ended up making about 4 to 5 times as much as I paid for it. I count that as one of my major successes of the year.

Three books—The only book I really feel comfortable saying that I published last year is a kid’s picture book called, 1% Clean: A Funny Story About Fractions and Percents. I wrote and illustrated it myself. It was a lot of work, a lot of fun, and I learned a ton. I’m no artist so figuring out how to work around my weakness in that area was an adventure. It’s been easier to sell through Amazon ads than my other books. I’m not selling a lot of copies but it’s pretty easy to keep a positive ROI, and I certainly sell more paperback copies than any other book.

I suppose I could say that technically I met this goal because I also published 1% Messy, the companion workbook for 1% Clean and a combo paperback of the book and it’s workbook together in one paperback. However, those two were quite easy to create, and they sold almost NOT AT ALL. I did giveaway quite a few printable copies free.

So, I think I missed this goal by a mile. I wanted to put out two novels and one kid’s book, but only actually got the kid’s book published.

I did get covers for the two novels:

I also have a third cover made:

But the stories STILL AREN’T READY! Grr. I feel bad about my pokiness.

Four digits earnings—Did I mean profit or revenue? I don’t remember (probably profit though.) If it was revenue, I accomplished this goal. If I meant profit, it’s not even close. I experimented a lot this year with different services and marketing strategies. I spent a lot of money and hopefully learned a few things.

Other accomplishments this year:

By far, the biggest and best thing that happened in my writing career this year is that I FINALLY was able to find and join the type of professional level writers group I’ve been dreaming about FOR OVER A DECADE. It’s a bit of a commute, but the members are serious professionals who write amazing stuff and give amazing feedback. Because of this group, I’ve gone to cons, literary events, and met so many successful authors in science fiction and fantasy. I’m so glad I finally got in (the group rejected me the year before.) it was worth the wait. I’m so grateful for this group!

I'm planning to write soon about my goals for this year. What are your goals for 2018?

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