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Vlog this week! Did a guest video on Author Trek on Youtube.

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Book of the Week:

Reaching Kylee by Tamara Hart Heiner​. This book is paranormal/fantasy YA. I read the whole thing--two books--really quickly...when I was supposed to be doing other things. Oops. From the start, the little details about Price, the way he talked, the way he dressed, his relationship with his family and friends seemed really authentic, as well as interesting. He definitely seems like a southern boy in a really good way--polite, responsible, from a church-going, somewhat strict family. When Kylee entered the story, she was very real and believable, too. I rooted for them the whole way.

The only thing that seemed a little unbelievable to me were Price's hobbies. He was great at baseball, initially thought chess was too nerdy, but was great at hacking. That seemed weird without a little more of a backstory for the hacking. He also spoke fluent French, which seemed believable and I really enjoyed trying to figure out what the occasional French phrases meant before reading on for the explanations. I highly recommend this.

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