• S.E. Burr

2017 Readers Census Analysis

I'm addicted to the Nerdfighteria Census Analysis Hank Green does every year. Whenever I take a survey, I like to find out how my responses compare to everyone else's, so I thought you might too.

First, thank you so much to everyone who filled out my survey. I ended up getting 66 responses which I think was was good given that this is the first time I've done this and I've only created my readers group and Facebook page this year.

It doesn't surprise me that most of the people who have read one of my books have read Goblin Fruit, because it's the first in the Gobbled series. I'm glad to see that of those of you who have read GF, more than half went on to read GG, and of those who read GG, the majority also read GW. That's gratifying.

But I was surprised that over 70% of you haven't read any of my books! I'd like to help out with that. Goblin Fruit is free for only a few more days. I'm about to move it back to Kindle Unlimited at least temporarily. If you're looking for a quick read, Playing with Fire is also free.

Question 2: Where do you live?

The vast majority of you are in the US, but two of you live in Canada, one in Cyprus, one in the Netherlands, and one in Pakistan. I'm not surprised by this result because much of my readers group list was built off of a giveaway which was only advertised to people in the US. I'm very grateful for all of you awesome readers. I'd love to hear how you heard about me, especially if you're international.

I didn't realize that there wasn't an under 18 option on this question. It was pre-made by Survey Monkey and it was an oversight on my part, given that I mostly write YA. But looking at this age distribution, I'm not sure that even if I'd included it as an option, I would have gotten that answer from anyone. I'm very glad to have readers of all ages. I'm a full grown adult and YA is still my favorite, but I'm thinking that to reach more young people, I may need to get an Instagram account...Oh dear.

I should have had an option for none. Many of you commented and said that. But it does look like about 59% of you have one of these accounts. I find that encouraging because I'm about to move the Gobbled series back to Kindle Unlimited at least temporarily to take advantage of some advertising opportunities. I'm also in the process of turning Goblin Fruit into an audiobook on Audible.

I actually just started my own subscription to Kindle Unlimited. They're giving me a 30 day free trial, which is nice. I've been signing up for free trials all over the place, because I set alerts through the calendar app on my phone and actually remember to cancel before I have to pay. Before I signed up for this account I was paying more than $10 a month on books, and that's what they charge, so I'll probably stick with it after the trial period. If you want to try it, and you click the link below, they'll give me a little money for it even if you don't stick with it. Also, I can get a lot of the audio versions fee or cheap through this too.

As for the other accounts, I've had Prime a long time. I watch a lot of TV and movies through it, and I love the free two day shipping. It's really a lifesaver in a rural area. I'm not sure whether I'd think it was worth the money if I lived in an area with better shopping opportunities. But if you want to check it out, I'd love it if you'd use this link (same deal as above):

I love audiobooks, but I don't have Audible so I can't personally recommend it. I have a family member with some vision issues who loves it. If you're interested in it, you can check it out here (I'd get a little money for this one too):

It seems that you guys like a range of genres. I'm glad that so many of you are fans of fantasy and YA since that's mostly what I write. My next book's science fiction so I'm glad to see that over half of you are fans of that as well.

By hard copy I meant all printed (non-electronic) books. I should have been more clear about that. A lot of those that picked other commented that they liked all of these ways. Actually, far and away my favorite way to read, if just talking about the experience not the cost, is audio books. I love them. They're life changing for the commute and for doing chores.

Thank you to everyone who has connected to me on any of these platforms. For so long I didn't set up a Facebook page, thinking that my profile was all I needed. I was so wrong! I love the ease of interaction we get through FB. I finally feel like I'm getting to know some of you guys, and you're awesome. I love that! I love discussing books with such amazing people.

Speaking of amazing...

Holy guacamole! This was another pre-made Survey Monkey question. I should have gone higher. I'm impressed. That's well above the national average. I read at that level, but only since I started doing my book of the week thing, because I knew I wasn't devoting enough time to reading. Most of you are very dedicated readers. That's great.

Now for the fun question:

I wish I'd put a little more detail into this question. Like, would you go back to your own past, either to correct something or reminisce, or would you go back to a past before you were born? Most of the people who answered other said they'd do both. One said neither. I should have allowed Neither as an option. I see the merit in that. Embrace the present. Aside from an occasional wish to go back 10 minutes and undo some stupid thing I did, I would definitely go to the future. Sure, it's scary. It might be horrible, but the past definitely was. The vast majority of our ancestors lived in conditions we would now think of as profoundly impoverished--with two outfits at the most, not always having enough to eat, without access to good medical care, or clean water. No thank you. But maybe we're assuming you don't have to live there. You're just visiting or maybe even just observing without being seen. I'd still be more interested in the future, but that's just me.

Thank you everyone for taking my survey! I really enjoyed this! I'll plan to do another one next year.

Now for the book of the week:

Denton Little's Deathdate by Lance Rubin I didn't intend to read this book. I'd just started reading another book to review for Book of the Week. But, well, you know, I went to the library...not to read...just to print some stuff because I was out of toner at home. It started innocently enough, but then I locked eyes on this book across the room. I knew I shouldn't but I figured what could it hurt just to get a closer look at the cover...and then the inside flap...and then the first few pages, and well one thing led to another and the next thing I knew, me and this book had spent the next five hours in bed together and I had developed an intimate knowledge of every single page.

For reallsy's though, it's a good book. Fun. Funny. I basically inhaled it, I read it so fast. The setting is our world but with one key difference: everyone knows the day they will die. This is the story of a teenage boy's misadventures at his own funeral and on his deathdate. It doesn't sound that fun, but it really is.