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Update on my Writing Projects

I wrote an update for my two patrons on my various writing projects. I thought other people might be interested in this information, too.

One Singular Second: I hired a local person from my writing group to edit the three Gobbled books last year when I published Goblin Winter. I revised and relaunched the first two books in that series at the same time. I learned some good things from her, but am wanting to hire someone with a little more experience this time. I got a recommendation from an online writers group I'm in and am sending her the first ten pages today so she can do a sample edit, and we can see how our styles click.

1% Clean: I'm planning a party at the local library for my kid's book 1% Clean and for The Everything Puzzle since we never had a launch party for it. There will be games, crafts, and refreshments. I'll read 1% Clean and Shad, the illustrator on TEP, will read it. Then we'll sign books for people. I had planned to have the party in April but postponed it because it conflicted with Stake Women's Conference, and when I got the proof copy (it was delayed) I really wasn't happy with the way it looked. I've put a lot more work into it, making sure the colors pop, and I've switched printing companies. I had been using Create Space like we did for TEP, but I've switched to Ingram Spark. It's more expensive, but it'll be hardcover and with Ingram we may be able to get the book into local shops here in New Mexico. I'm now waiting on the proof copy from Ingram. It's shipped but hasn't arrived yet. Fingers crossed.

The Magicians' Chorus Trilogy?: Based on the feedback from my Facebook question, I'm going to work on The Magicians' Chorus next, but I think it should be a series, not just a single book.

The prevailing wisdom among indie authors is that if you want to play the Amazon Algorithm to stay more visible and discover-able on the site, and thus sell more books, you have to write and release books rapidly. I have not generally done that as evidenced by the fact that I wrote the first draft of One Singular Second five years ago and The Magicians' Chorus over ten years ago. That's OK. I was learning about my craft, but now that I have learned a lot, it's time for me to speed up. I just read a book called 5,000 Words Per Hour and am now reading a book called Take Off Your Pants, which is about outlining a book before you write it. I'm mostly what's called a "pantser" as opposed to a planner. I just jump into writing a book (flying by the seat of my pants) without knowing most of what's going to happen before I write it. That's fun, but it turns out to be a lot less efficient tan planning it before hand.

SO, I'm tentatively planning to do some kind of challenge this summer. I think it'll be something like, "If I get at least 10 people to agree that they'll pre-order the series or buy it during release week, I'll fix up The Magicians' Chorus and write the other two books in the series all in the months of June through August. If I fail to do this, I'll give those 10+ people the series for free when I get it done." Something like that, and I'll use outlining, timed writing "sprints", and dictation software to help me achieve my goal.

Audio Books: I'm working with a narrator to turn Goblin Fruit into an audio book on Audible. I've spoken with another narrator about collaborating to turn One Singular Second into an audio book this summer.

Book of the Week: Take Off Your Pants by Libbie Hawker @libhawker Holy Mackerel! This book is phenomenal! In a couple days I've outlined one book and begun the outline for another in the same series. I especially like the information about pacing. She says that in every chapter the character should have a goal, run into opposition in achieving that goal, and then succeed or fail. Also at the end of the chapter there should be a "cymbal crash," something surprising, intriguing, or worrying to keep the reader reading. I'm really enjoying doing this book of the week thing! There are so many great books!

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