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Character Interview with Band Benjamy

I thought I'd do something a little different in my blog today and give you a character interview with Benjamy, a fictional rock/pop band in my series "Gobbled." This interview takes place before the first book Goblin Fruit.

The interviewer is a woman with long dark hair and blond highlights. She is in her early thirties and wearing tight leather pants and a top with a plunging neckline. She has a stud in her nose and dangly earrings.

"Hi this is Dara with Rock Salt, K91.1, and today I have the distinct pleasure of meeting one of the hottest new bands at the fest this year, Benjamy. It's so great to meet you guys!"

"You too."--"Yeah."--"Nice to meet you."

"So let me introduce each of you. Andrew, you're the lead singer and guitarist. Is that right?"

"That's right."

"And you're just the complete package, aren't you? Great voice, great on the guitar, great looking…you're just the perfect front man!"

Andrew chuckles and looks around at the other members of the band. "Uh, thanks, I mean I'm never going to live that down, but thanks."

"Do the other members of the band give you a hard time?"

"Well, I mean…"

Mark says, "We razz him, you know, a little gentle razzing."

Andrew laughs. "Yeah, real gentle."

"And you're Mark, right? You play rhythm guitar and sing back up?"

"Yeah, well I sing lead on --"

"And Jacob, you're the drummer."


"Mark sings lead on a couple of our songs," Andrew cuts in.

"Oh no, right, of course he does. Of course he does. And what about this lovely lady sitting to your left? Your name is Audrey, you play bass, and your Andrew's little sister."

"Right," says Audrey, speaking for the first time.

"Oooooo, how sweet," Dara says, looking back at Andrew, "Having your little sister in the band!"

"Well, I guess, but she's not in the band because she's my sister. She's a good bass player."

"Oh no, of course not, no. I didn't mean it like that. I think it's just so sweet for a brother and sister to be in a band together. So, now that we've met you all, let me ask you this, your name, Benjamy, how did you pick it?"

"After, our friend, Benjamin," says Jacob.

"Really?" says Dara, looking at Andrew.

"Right," Andrew answers. "He was a really cool guy, a really fun kid, just always joking, getting in trouble, playing pranks. And unfortunately he died four years ago."

"Four years ago! He must have been a baby! I mean you're all still really young."

"Right, he was fourteen," says Andrew. "We were all fourteen except Audrey. But sometimes things happen. He had cancer, and after he passed away, we just started calling things Benjamy if they were awesome, because they were like Benjamin. He was awesome, and the things he did were awesome, so when we started the band, we just immediately knew it had to be named Benjamy."

"OMG, that is so beautiful! Naming your band after your little friend like that." She stares at Andrew for a long moment and then turns to Audrey. "And what about you? Did you just love Benjamin, too?"

Audrey squirms a bit, looking uncomfortable. "Well, no, I mean, I didn't want him to die of course, and I was fine with it for a band name. I knew him, but I'm two years younger. I was the target of a lot of his pranks."

Dara frowns. "Oh, too bad." She turns back to Andrew. "Your single…"


"I love it! It's called 'First of Many' and it's just brilliant. The best song I've heard in a long time."

"Great!"--"Thank you."--"Glad you like it."

"And you have a new album out, your first."

"Yes," says Andrew, "called Benjamy, self-titled."

"Right, I think your single is just perfectly named. I can tell that you guys are going places, so much talent, such good looks." She winks at Andrew.

"Thanks," he says as his bandmates laugh again.

"I know you guys are about to go on stage, but I’m so glad we got to chat. I'll be telling this story someday when you're bigger than, gawd I don't know, Elvis, or someone."

"Thanks," says Andrew, blushing.

"He was a solo artist, though. We're…" Audrey begins.

Dara cuts her off. "Great seeing you. I'm looking forward to your show."

There are murmured goodbyes and handshakes as the band walks away from the interview.

As they walk out the door, Andrew unfolds a small slip of paper.

"What is that?" asks Audrey.

"She gave me her number."

Mark and Jacob fall into hysterics.

"Wasn't she like thirty-three?" asks Jacob.

"Yeah, but she was smoking hot, wasn't she?" says Andrew.

"I thought she was rude," says Audrey.

"The really hot ones are always rude," says Mark. He pauses for moment as he runs forward, and out of range and then turns back. "That's why you're so nice!"

She chases after him, ready to give him a punch, but doesn't catch him until they go on stage. After their set, when he's forgotten all about his joke and is no longer on guard, she knees him in the balls.

Want to find out more?

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