• S.E. Burr

The Importance of a Great Cover

On a recent road trip, I came across this on my way to the bathroom in Cline's Corners, New Mexico and was very intrigued by it. It looks like an outhouse and the sign is old-timey. At the same time, "a good time," makes you think of promises of sexy times scrawled on bathroom walls. I didn't know what the outhouse held and I wanted to find out, but I didn't have a dollar. Like many people, I rarely carry cash since cards are accepted almost everywhere--Novelty outhouses are clearly and exception!

I thought about what was behind that door a lot, and went out of my way to have cash on the way back through.

Opening the door, I found this anamitronic man who delivered a funny speech. A crowd gathered round, grateful they got to see inside for free and we all had a good laugh.

This made me think about how important it is to have a good cover for a book. People have to be intrigued or they won't be willing to read your book, let alone pay for it. And once they've paid, it's important that the book fulfill the promises made by the cover, too. I paid a dollar for a couple minutes entertainment, a break in a boring drive, and I felt it was money well spent. When people buy my books, I want them to be satisfied with what they get. That's why I've lately been so focused on editing and making them the best I possibly can. Interested in "How to Get the Right Cover?" Click here to read my blog post on it.

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