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The Long Hard Slog Through Revisions

I'm working on revising the three books in my Gobbled series. My copy-editor, Angie, has given me notes on Goblin Winter, the third book in the series, and Goblin Girl, the second book in the series. (You can read about the humbling experience of finally working with a copy-editor here.)

I read through her suggestions and revised Goblin Winter. Now I'm listening to it being read to me using free text-to-speech software, which I find incredibly useful. It helps me to find all the new typos that sneaked in when I changed things during the revision.

Going through Angie's notes on Goblin Girl and revising is slow, arduous, and unpleasant. To be honest, I think I rushed creating that middle book and my writing races through the plot leaving out a lot of explanation and feeling. Many of her notes simply read, EMOTE!

Last weekend I finished a pre-revision of Goblin Fruit, the first book in the series. I thought it would save us both time if I went through and fixed the things that Angie keeps bringing up before sending it to her. It took a week and a half, longer than I expected and I added a couple of small scenes. I enjoyed the process, because I felt like my changes really improved the writing and I liked the book better than I remembered (Often after first writing/revising a book I get sick of it and never want to see it again.) Angie's looking it over now, and I'm sure she will find many things that still need to be improved.

Writing and revising are satisfying when finished, but the actual work involved can be far from enjoyable. I think I like the feeling of having written a book more than actually writing one, yet I feel almost a compulsion toward creating with words.

How do you stay motivated during the parts of the writing process that you don't like? What is your favorite thing about writing? Your least favorite? Comment below.

PS-I'm strongly considering doing something which will be a little expensive but that I hope will greatly help in my promotions efforts. If I go through with it I'll probably tell you about it in the next blog, so stay tuned.

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