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Why did Our Kickstarter Campaign Succeed?

My and Shad's Kickstarter campaign to turn "The Everything Puzzle" into a children's book ended today. We made it to our funding goal within the first week and a half. At that point we stopped promoting it but continued to receive some pledges. In the end we made it to about 125% of our goal. So why did we succeed? I think there were several factors that helped us.

The first and, in my opinion, the most important reason that we succeeded is that Shad and I partnered together to do the campaign. That way we could both reach out to our contacts and connections and twice as many people heard about, and wanted to help fund, our campaign.

Second, the project had some exposure (and we'd done some informal interest testing) before we launched the Kickstarter. I read "The Everything Puzzle," and displayed a single illustration Shad had done for it, at a large women's conference in the area. It was actually the reaction to that presentation that inspired us to turn it into a book at all. If we hadn't know that people liked the story and the art work, we would have never launched the Kickstarter. People were more willing to pledge on something they already knew about and liked than they would have been if they were seeing it for the first time.

Third, we watched Kickstarter's videos and read their tutorials about creating a successful campaign, and then we followed their advise. I was a little nervous at first about making a video to go with the campaign, but Kickstarter emphasized how important it was. I was very glad we did it because we received compliments from people saying how impressed they were with it.

That's about it. Those are three major reasons that I think our campaign was successful. What do you think? What inspires people to pledge and why do some campaigns succeed while others fail?

Here's the link to the campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1808583999/the-everything-puzzle?ref=user_menu

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