Goblin Winter (Gobbled book 3)


Desperation. Determination. A world whose fate could be decided by both.

When Todd's parents divorced and his uncle fell catatonic, he was just a kid and felt powerless to help his family. Now he's sixteen and won’t let pesky rules or safety concerns keep him from helping those he loves. Todd is thrilled to find a way to visit his uncle in Goblinton, a dream world shared by the minds of catatonics. But when he gets there, he finds his uncle in the same state as in the real world.

Maude Clare, Goblinton's gorgeous but less-than-friendly princess, solicits Todd's help in a quest to save her people from the catatonia that afflicts more of them every day. As the situation worsens, Todd and Maude Clare take desperate risks that may destroy themselves and the very people they're trying to save.

Goblin Girl (Gobbled book 2)

Sara has finally woken up after being catatonic for 16years. She's thrilled to be reunited with her teenage daughter, but she was never truly asleep. Sara was in Goblinton, a dream world shared in the minds of Catatonics. She's left people there, people she cares about. When Catatonics suddenly start dying, Sara knows that the only way to save them is to return to Goblinton, but if she does, she may never see her daughter again.

Maude Clare is the princess of Goblinton. Her world may be a dream, but it's the only home she's ever known, and her life until now has always been picturesque. When things start going very wrong and the Queen vanishes, Maude Clare will need all the courage and help she can get to save the Queen and to save her world.

Goblin Fruit (Gobbled book 1)

When Clarity was just a baby, a drug turned her mother into a Catatonic, a mindless, shuffling shell of a person; a "Zombie." Although Clarity likes helping her father take care of her mother,it's not easy making friends when you live with a zombie.

Clarity finds an ally in Audrey, a girl filled with grief and guilt over her recently zombiefied brother. Soon after the girls meet, Clarity starts to see goblins and fears she may be losing her mind. To make matters worse, her mother's condition begins to rapidly deteriorate. She's dying.

With nothing but a cryptic clue from the poem, "Goblin Market," Clarity and Audrey will risk their lives to cure the zombies they love.

Gobbled Books 1-3 eBook set

Get all three books in the "Gobbled" series by buying them as a set.

The Everything Puzzle

Abbey is a little girl who loves jigsaw puzzles, and she's good at them. Abbey takes on puzzles of all different sizes, but The Everything Puzzle is her greatest challenge yet. She finds its pieces all over the place, and when she finds one that doesn't seem to fit with any of the others, Abbey will have to decide what to do next.

The creation of The Everything Puzzle was funded through a successful KickStarter campaign.

Here's a brief introduction to my collaborator on the project, Shad Wilde:

Shad Wilde is a young man with autism and is brilliant. This is the very first book that he ever illustrated and published. He hopes to work at Disney Studios. He loves drawing, singing, and the study of historic ship disasters.

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