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Los Alamos Reservoir

The access road to the Los Alamos Reservoir is off of West Road at the sharp curve west of the ice rink. Parking is very limited. To reach the reservoir you walk about 1.5 miles along an access road with a slight incline. (Gated; no motorized vehicles allowed.) Hiking in a group is recommended because bear frequent the area. In summer and early fall you may find blackberries along the side of the road. The reservoir has a nice little gravel beach on one side, and families oft

Windy Cave aka “Cave of the Winds 2” (the one that’s actually windy)

In White Rock, Sherwood Blvd. between Canada Way and Piedra Loop crosses a ravine. If you follow this ravine westward about a third of a mile you’ll come to a cave on the right hand side. A cold, stiff breeze blows out of the cave mouth. It feels like standing in front of an air conditioner, very enjoyable on a hot summer day. You can stand upright in parts of the cave, but making it to the back, about 50 feet in, will require some ducking and then some crawling. Watch your h

Canada del Buey Trail

The Canada del Buey trail is a short trail about (.8 mile) that runs from Meadow Lane near the Methodist church and the entrance to Overlook Park and ends at Rover Blvd. This trail goes along an arroyo and provides a calming piece of nature right in the middle of town. It was nicknamed “Painted Rock Trail” during the 2020 pandemic because people left rocks they painted themselves all along the trail as a way of staying connected while socially distanced. A few painted rocks a

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