Once upon a time there were two little girls named Margaret.

One of the Margarets had brown hair and the other had red, and they were both poor and lived on farms, because in those days most little girls were poor and lived on farms.

And when the Margarets got older, they went to college, even though poor girls rarely did, but the Margarets were stubborn and lucky, so they got to go.

Brown-Haired Margaret became a nurse and then a librarian. Red-Haired-Margaret became a school teacher. They spent their lives helping, teaching, and reading.

Who did they help, teach, and read to the most?

Their children, of course.

Brown-Haired-Margaret had a son and Red-Haired-Margaret had a daughter, and that son and that daughter met and fell in love, and together they spent their lives reading, which is almost a happy ending...

But not quite, because what made the story even better, was that the son and the daughter had a daughter of their own and they raised her in libraries and in bookstores and left her to her own devices to play and to wander among the stacks of books, where she found innumerable adventures waiting for her between the pages.

The brown-haired Margaret and the red-haired Margaret both became white-haired-Margarets and they continued to help, and teach, and read.

And who did they help, teach, and read to the most?

Their granddaughter, of course!

She grew up to love books EVEN MORE, than her parents had. She loved books so much, in fact, that she wanted to make more of them, and because she was stubborn and lucky, she did.

S.E. Burr's greatest desire is to spend her life helping, teaching, and reading like her grandmothers did.