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Half-Sized Cake


Half-Sized Cake is the fourth book in the "Funny Math Stories" series.

This boy loves cake so much he tries to double the recipe, but he ends up making half as much instead.

Those pesky fractions are confusing! But with a little help he'll figure it out, and you can, too!

The other books in the series include:

1% Clean: a Funny Story About Fractions and Percents

1% Messy (workbook)

Multiplying Letters: a Funny Story About Algebra

99 Bottles: a Funny Story About Negative Numbers

Two Little Weeds: a Funny Story About Exponents

I absolutely loved [Goblin Fruit] from start to finish. When I read the summary for it, I was not sure of what I would find but to my delight it was page after page of wonderful story and characters.

Sharon, reader on Goodreads


Goblin fruit is an amazing book. The story is well paced and the characters are not annoying.

Alice, reader on Goodreads


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